Head: TPE Vs Silicone Vs BJD Vs Figure Vs PVC Sex Doll

Head: TPE Vs Silicone Vs BJD Vs Figure Vs PVC Sex Doll

Have you noticed that our latest anime sex dolls are more than normal TPE/Silicone anime dolls? To create more attractive anime dolls to meet all kinds of demands of NakeDoll lovers, in addition to the previous TPE and silicone anime dolls, we started to launch more anime sex dolls with BJD heads, figure action heads, and PVC heads. These cartoon doll body material is still TPE, but the type of doll head is different. In this article, we will let you know the differences among these doll heads to help you make the most suitable choice.

PCV Head

1. Material

TPE sex dolls

Both head and body, use thermoplastic elastomer, TPE, a common material for making sex dolls. Pros: Soft and elastic to the touch, similar to human skin, with many molds, and can make dolls of various heights from 40 to 170cm. Cons: because the material is too soft, the head cannot make as delicate makeup as BJD dolls.

Silicone head sex dolls
Head was made of silicone, body was made of TPE. Silicone is suitable for making the face of dolls with natural skin and white skin because the material is hard enough to be implanted with hair, make pores and even some freckles and scars to give better realistic feel. Cons is that not all sex doll have the silicone head option and it could not offer oral sex function and also cost much higher than TPE head. Pros: The most realistic look and feel of any head made of any material.

BJD head sex dolls

Composed of Ball Jointed Doll head and TPE doll body. We combined the characteristics of BJD dolls with “fashionable and exquisite makeup” and “Japanese animation culture”, and the advantages of soft body and real touch of sex dolls, and produced BJD sex dolls of 40-68cm. The BJD doll head is made of high-density PVC synthetic material, small and light, with high durability and service life. The most important thing is that the makeup of BJD doll head is very delicate, surpassing all other TPE and PVC dolls, suitable for dolls who love delicate makeup user. The disadvantage is that the heads are all small heads of 40-68cm, the molds are not rich enough, and the price is slightly more expensive than TPE ones.

Action figure head sex dolls

Action figure head sex doll uses the head of the resin acton figure doll + TPE sex doll body. The resin material Polystone is used for the head of the doll, which looks and feels similar to porcelain or real stone, has a certain sense of thickness, and is actually a composite of resin. Its disadvantage is that it is relatively brittle, and it is easy to break if it is accidentally dropped. The advantage is that it can create a very unique shape. At present, NakeDoll provides 2B of the era of Nier and the 60cm doll of the bunny girl Yuuna.

PVC head sex doll

Using PVC material to make PVC head through enamel process, add TPE sex doll body to make PVC head sex doll. The head shape mold is larger but light, the makeup is very similar to the characters in the anime, suitable for making into a 100-170cm anime doll. It has the advantages of long service life, high hardness and not easy to deform. The disadvantage is that the material and feel are closer to plastic. At present, NakeDoll provides a variety of PVC sex dolls such as Genshin series and Demon Slayer: Blade.

2. Details

TPE head feels comfortable, and the look is also good, but it does not reach the exquisite makeup of the BJD head or the realism of the silicone head. The price is the most acceptable.

The silicone head has no disadvantages except that it is more expensive. It is very suitable for 140cm+, light-skinned dolls to express specific details.

The BJD head has a very delicate simulation. The eyes, nose, and lips can show delicate and realistic expressions and states. The wig can be changed freely, but the mold and makeup are relatively fixed and cannot be customized.

Action figure head can present a unique head shape. However, compared with BJD heads or TPE heads, the appearance of action figure heads is usually simplified, and the details are not as rich as doll heads made of other materials, making it impossible to change makeup or wigs.

The PVC head, like the action figure head, has a simplified appearance, and the details are relatively less abundant, but the advantage is that the makeup can be customized (You need to inform our customer service in advance and send pictures, we will try :), and users can also change the wig by themselves. In addition, due to the mold process, there will be a bulge above the forehead of the PVC head, which will be covered after wearing the wig, and will not affect the look and feel of the doll.

3. Doll height, weight & feel

TPE head, suitable for all height sex dolls, from 40cm to 170cm, weight from 0.1-1.5kg, soft to the touch, is the closest to the skin of the body (not the skin of the head) among these several materials.

Silicone head is suitable for all heights, from 40cm to 170cm, and the weight is from 0.5-3kg. It is the most realistic appearance among all head materials, and the skin feels good, soft on the outside and hard on the inside.

BJD head, for 40cm-68cm doll, light weight, 0.1kg, high hardness, usually smooth to the touch, will use some special process to make the surface have a certain frosted feeling, so as to increase the realism of the skin.

Action figure head, only 1 mold available, suitable for 60cm doll and weighs 0.4kg. It is very hard, smooth to the touch, and feels warm and moist like jade.

PVC head, 100-170cm, 0.2kg, the inside of the head is hollow, light in weight, high in hardness, and the surface is frosted

4. Use experience

Except for the head, the body of all dolls is exactly the same as TPE dolls, so dolls of 40-88cm can use anal sex, and dolls of 100cm and above can use 3 tunnels, oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex.

5. Assembly method

All heads are connected to the TPE body with universal screws (M16 screws for dolls 1 meter and above, small screws for dolls below 1 meter), which can be removed and replaced freely with normal TPE heads The method of use is no different.

Anime sex dolls with TPE head, silicone head, BJD head, action figure head and PVC head have different characteristics in terms of material, appearance, feel and weight, and are suitable for different preferences. If you want a little doll with super elaborate makeup, be sure to try our BJD head anime doll. If you want a cute girl with big eyes who came out of the two-dimensional world, you can try our PVC head anime doll. If you want to buy an exquisite figure and want to have sex function at the same time, you can try our figure head anime doll. If you wanna find the most realistic head, silicone head is the only one choice. If you are most concerned about the whole body touch, from head to toe, you can feel like a real person, please choose our TPE animation doll. We believe that as long as you like anime dolls, NakeDoll will be able to satisfy your fantasy and realize your needs. If you have any questions or other needs, please tell our customer service, we will try our best to solve it for you!

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