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Irina – Long Legs Japanese Sex Doll

Irina’s Story They call her the best-selling Japanese sex doll in the world. But she’d like you to just call her Irina. Irina is 5…

Esther – Life Size Maid Sex Doll

Esther’s Story 19-year-old Esther has recently come from Tokyo. Her Japanese name is Ichika ‘which means `good entertainer and funnily enough, that is exactly what…

Katy – Big Breast Sex Doll

Katy’s Story Ah, Katy’The tall, willowy blonde with big, wet, kissable lips The first thing you should know about Katy is that she is famous!…

Lacey – Geisha Japanese Sex Doll

Lacey’s Story Lacey was born in the Japanese district of Gion ‘a geisha neighborhood ‘where her mother used to be `okiya-san'(madam) at a geisha house.…

Nastia – Blonde Huge Breast Sex Doll

Nastia’s Story Nastia is a Russian blonde from Moscow. She came to the United States to be a trainer and live the Big American Dream.…

Peach – Southern Belle Sex Doll

Peach’s Story Peach is the epitome of Southern feminity. She speaks with a slow, Southern drawl, makes excellent sweet teas and lemonades, and hosts the…

Pippa – Life Size Asian Sex Doll

Pippa’s Story β€œGosh, I am so ready to get laid! Yes, I know that makes me sound like a slut, but that is the truth,…

Vanamala – Life Size Chinese Sex Doll

Vanamala’s Story VanamalaΒ is a Chinese doll who is adored and desired by all Asian sex doll connoisseurs. You know why? Because of her dark, Chinese…
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