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How to Have Sex With a Sex Doll: Different Positions to Try

How to Have Sex With a Sex Doll

How to Have Sex With a Sex Doll: Different Positions to Try


Sex dolls offer endless possibilities for sexual exploration and satisfaction. To make the most of your experience, it’s essential to know various positions that maximize pleasure and ensure your doll’s stability. Below are the different sex positions that will help you enjoy your doll to the fullest.

Missionary Position

The missionary position is a classic for a reason. It’s simple, intimate, and allows for deep penetration. Position your sex doll on her back with her legs spread. You can adjust her arms to either rest by her sides or wrap around you. To keep things stable, ensure the surface you’re using is firm. A bed with a solid mattress works best. You might want to place pillows under her hips for better angling. This setup ensures she stays in place while you thrust. Adding lube can make the experience smoother and more enjoyable. Don’t avoid trying different angles by shifting her hips or legs. The missionary position also allows for eye contact, making this act more intimate and intense. Experiment with slight variations like holding her legs up or pushing them back towards her chest. These changes can provide different sensations and keep things exciting. Each tweak can enhance pleasure and add a new dimension to the experience.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is another popular position, perfect for deep penetration and a great view of her ass. Place your sex doll on all fours with her knees and hands firmly planted on the bed or floor. To keep her steady, use a wedge or pillow under her torso to prevent her from collapsing forward during vigorous thrusting. A firm grip on her hips can also help maintain control and stability. For a more realistic experience, position her head slightly upward as if she’s looking ahead. This minor adjustment can make the whole scenario feel more lifelike. Don’t forget to use plenty of lube to keep things smooth and comfortable. Try adjusting her leg positions for different angles. You can have her legs closer together or spread them wider apart. Each variation changes the sensation and can help hit different spots, enhancing pleasure. Take care of your knees and hands if you’re on a hard surface. Using a padded mat or extra pillows can prevent discomfort.


The cowgirl position allows for hands-free pleasure and a great view. Place your sex doll on top of you, with her legs straddling your waist. You can prop her up against a headboard or wall for additional support. You may also use a pillow or cushion behind her back to prevent her from toppling over and to keep her in a stable position. You can control her movements by holding her hips or waist. To enhance the ride, experiment with her posture, adjusting her back for different angles. Leaning her forward or backward can change the penetration depth and sensation. Switch things up by trying the reverse cowgirl. Turn your doll around so her back is facing you. This variation offers a different view and sensation, adding more excitement to your sessions.

Spoon Position

The spoon position is intimate and comfortable, perfect for a lazy afternoon. Lie on your side with your sex doll in front of you, also on her side. Align her body with yours for a snug fit. Use a non-slip surface or place pillows behind her back. This way, you can maintain her position and keep things stable as you thrust. Holding her hips can also provide extra stability. Adjust her head slightly for a more natural look, as if she’s resting against you. This position allows for deep penetration and close contact. Try making slight adjustments, like lifting one of her legs or shifting her hips for different sensations. These small changes can enhance pleasure and keep things interesting.

Standing Position

The standing position can be incredibly thrilling but requires some setup. Position your sex doll standing upright against a wall or sturdy surface. Make sure she’s well-supported to avoid any accidents. You might need to adjust her feet and legs to maintain stability. Holding her hips or ass can help keep her in place during the action. This position offers great access to her pussy and ass, making it highly pleasurable. Adjust her arms to rest on your shoulders or against the wall for added realism. Try different angles by shifting her hips or changing the height of her legs. You can lift one leg or have both feet on the ground for different sensations and variations.


Trying different sex positions with your sex doll can significantly enhance your experience. Each position offers unique sensations and opportunities for pleasure. Remember to prioritize stability and comfort to make the most out of your sessions. Experiment with variations and enjoy the process.

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