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Probably the reason you’re here is to find a good way to get rid of your used or old sex doll. Over time, everything ages. Both sex dolls and we all have shelf lives. However, there may be a variety of reasons why you no longer wish to keep your doll. For some people who desire a simple way to get rid of or give up the doll, this can be a major issue.

Let’s look at the most common reasons why you might wish to get rid of your silicone wife before we begin.

Sex doll disposal reasons may include:
● she achieved her purpose
● boring
● the sparks are gone
● she’s not your type
● your wife says “no”
● your mother said “no”
● your son fucked her
● your dog bumped her

1. Resell your sex doll.
Selling your outdated love doll to someone else is the greatest option if you want to make money while dealing with it. Yes, a large number of individuals are searching for secondhand sex dolls, despite popular belief. People interested in your offer will come from unexpected places in the world. There are various ways to sell your old sex doll and you may sell it to someone who wants to purchase it. For instance, you may sell it on doll forums (we will have a forum later soon πŸ™‚ or eBay, both of which are completely free! If you don’t want advertisements on your profile. Create a profile anonymously and test it out.

Before the final sale, keep your doll completely clean and dry. To avoid disease and infection, make sure everything is well clean. It is advisable to include comprehensive information on your doll and high-quality photographs of your doll taken from all sides in order to sell your doll as quickly as possible. In order to prevent any conflicts following the transaction, this will assist consumers in completely understanding what they are purchasing.

2. Ship your doll to repair and recycling services
Knowing if it can be recycled is one of the greatest approaches. To locate nearby businesses that specialize in reusing old silicone items to create new ones, search online. If you can locate a business that will pay you some cash in exchange for getting rid of your sad doll. Additionally, since there is no trash produced, it is a green action. Your doll will be recycled into new objects that are more precious.

You may send your love to a company that offers doll repair and recycling services if you still have anything to offer the doll market. Your love doll may be recycled and repaired to appear brand-new. Alternatively, you can deliver your doll to a facility where it will be sanitized, mended, or smashed and turned into brand-new dolls. To find out if they can manage the doll, you may also get in touch with the sex doll provider.

3. Bury your doll
For the truly romantic, burying your sex doll is the way to go. If you treat the doll as your wife and want to treat her romantically, you can bury the doll in your yard. Let her sleep on the ground forever. When you miss her, you can go out into the yard and talk to her as if she never left.

4. Donate to others
It’s better to give than to receive. Although your doll is used it’s still in great shapeIt’s still in good overall condition and you can give it to people who might need it can satisfy someone’s sexual needs. There is always someone who needs something we no longer need. Talk to your friends and see if they want it. Give it to someone who can’t afford a new one. But make sure you sanitize it properly. This will fight the spread of germs. Please keep in mind that disinfection is a must.

If you’re short on ideas or want us to give you some advice (like why you’re reading this), here’s a short list of adult dolls you can donate.
● Theater
● Room Escape
● Strip clubs
● Archery/shooting range
● Artists

5. Put your doll in the trash/recycle bin.
I put this option last because it’s the worst choice I’ll ever make. This is the most convenient and easiest way to handle your love doll without any effort. Please do not throw the doll in the general trash. It’s not good for the environment. Divide the doll into many different parts, wrap it in a dark bag, and throw it in the trash. In order not to scare the city waste collector, you can attach a note that says, “Sorry, don’t be afraid. it’s just a sex doll.” Take your doll apart and put it in your trash/recycle bin, then hand her over to the city garbage collector. If a garbage collector is not available in your area, disassemble it and place it in a normal garbage disposal area. However, keep in mind that this is the least efficient and most environmentally friendly way to dispose of your doll. Consider the first few methods before resorting to the last option.

As mentioned above, there are several ways you can dispose of or say goodbye to a used sex doll. We hope that by reading our article, you now have enough ideas to deal with your cute but old sex doll.

Be careful not to dispose of your doll in an illegal manner, such as by throwing it into a body of water or a drain, or simply burning it. Follow our suggestions and try them one by one, and you will finally find certain methods that work conveniently and efficiently for you. What’s more, the process of handling the old doll gives you a sense of responsibility and commitment, Nakedoll always trusts that you will do the right thing

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