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Venus Berlin 2022 – Erotic Trade Show


Venus Berlin 2022 – Erotic Trade Show

During October 20-23, the world’s largest erotic trade show called Venus Berlin 2022 took place in Germany.Β 

Venus Berlin is the world’s leading trade show for erotic entertainment and lifestyle. Venus Berlin started in 1997 and has turned into a genuine magnet for audiences in the following years. Among the visitors are not only private individuals, but also club owners, photo studio proprietors, video retailers and sex shop managers. With over 250 exhibitors from 40 countries, it is the largest international trade fair of its kind.

From 20 to 23 October it’s on again: the Berlin Venus Fair opened its gates in exhibition halls under the Funkturm (Radio Tower) and it was drawing in countless visitors under its magic spell once more. Exhibitors from Germany and abroad demonstrate their latest products and trends over a total area of 23,000 m2. The fair is open to both professional visitors and the public.


The world’s largest erotic trade fair shows visitors, including both professionals and private visitors, a comprehensive overview of national and international premium brands, newcomers and trends. The exhibition is divided into three sections. In the business arena, the business is in the foreground. There are no shows and no loud music, but new and innovative products in the erotic industry, which will be presented in a pleasant lounge atmosphere. The second area is the trade arena, here various product groups and labels from around the world will be presented, stars are live at the disposal of the visitors for photos and autographs and attractions and events invite to join and to discover. In the show arena it is all about the erotic show. From sexy strip shows to erotic performances everything is offered at a very high level with the guarantee that every visitor will find the right one for himself. A lot of excitement is also sparked by numerous stars and starlets romping about at the fair, pleased to sign autographs.

Venus Berlin traditionally starts with the “Venus Awards” on the first day of the fair for invited guests only. The central attraction on the trade fair grounds is the “Star Walk”, a 20 meters long runway where stars and starlets of the international adult entertainment scene present themselves. There is also an area for fetish lovers with new products, professional artists, bondage shows, and autograph sessions with stars of the scene.

Sex Dolls are also shown on the Expo as well. While all the sex, stripping, and action was going on, away from all the activity in a quiet, empty corner were the sex doll booths. A list of brand showed up. Many passersby were interested in dolls, but actually each brand did not bring their latest products and technologies. After talking with a salesperson from China, we learned that their latest AI and ROS technology will be displayed at the Guangzhou adult exhibitor which was postponed to December. We will follow up and continue to report at that time, so stay tuned!


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