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Ways to Dress Up Your Sex Doll to Make Her Look Attractive

Way to Dress Your Sex Doll

Ways to Dress Up Your Sex Doll to Make Her Look Attractive

A sex doll isn’t just a mere masturbation tool. Some people own sex dolls to accompany them. They take them out on movie nights, dinner parties, or even discos. That’s why dressing up a sex doll is fun but tricky. Don’t worry; we’re here to give you tips on how to dress your love doll.

But first, let’s discuss the importance of dressing up your erotic doll.

Why Do You Need to Dress Up Your Sex Doll

Some of you may ask, why should you dress up your sex doll? Are they just TPE or silicone dolls? And second, we often say that if we have it, flaunt it. So why hide their beautiful bodies?

Remember that not all sex doll owners buy dolls for sexual pleasure. Some have them to be their companion. They take them out on a date or just to be with someone to cuddle at night. Heck, some even fall madly in love with their dolls, and one way to show their affection is to buy them clothes and accessories and dress them up.

Another reason is to set the mood. Seeing your doll naked could turn up the heat, but wouldn’t it be nice if you stripped her sexy lingerie off one by one as you kissed her body? What about seeing her in a black latex catsuit? Isn’t it a wonderful sight to see?

For these reasons, dressing up your sex doll is essential. Not only will it allow you to show your love for your doll, but it will also set the mood right whenever you want to have sex.

How to Dress Up Your Sex Doll

The following are the things you can do to make your adult doll more desirable:

Dress for the Occasion

While you want to make your doll stand out from the crowd, it’s still essential that you dress her up for the occasion. If you take her to the beach, find sexy swimwear that will show her curves but not reveal her intimate parts. The same thing applies if you bring her to a cocktail party. You need to find and get a dress that fits the occasion.

Choose the Right Size

Once you know where to bring your sex doll, you need to know her size. Getting pieces of clothing that fit your love doll like a glove is tricky. For one, you can’t bring her to clothing stores, as you’ll get unwanted attention from nosey people. Second, bringing her from one section to another is impractical.

So before buying her clothes, make sure you know her size. For life-size sex dolls, finding the right outfit is a bit easier as their measurements are similar to ours. 

However, if you own a big-boob sex doll, choosing clothes for them can be tricky since these dolls aren’t often in proportion with the rest of their bodies. If so, look for clothing stores or sections designed for bustier women, as they have a lot of apparel that perfectly suits women with big breasts. 

The same thing applies if you have a mini-sex doll. These dolls generally have the same size as children, so going to a children’s clothing store is your best bet. Although it would be wise not to tell the salesperson what the clothes are for to avoid judgment.

Consider the Fabric

Besides the size, you also need to consider the fabric. Some textiles can leave stains on your doll’s skin. While these can be removed through thorough cleaning, it would take a while before they’re completely removed.

Before getting an outfit for your sex doll, check if the color of the fabric fades. Wash the clothes in the washing machine before putting them on your sex doll. If the color fades after a few washes, it will likely stain her skin.

But if you like the clothes’ style so much but are afraid of ruining your doll, put underclothes on her. Choose slightly tight underwear to prevent damaging her skin and keep it stain-free.

Put on the Right Accessories

Besides clothes, accessories can make your sex doll look more desirable. And just like choosing the right apparel, you also need to consider her size when selecting the right accessories for her. 

For tiny sex dolls, it’s important not to go overboard. Shades and draping belts are enough for them to make them look cute and attractive. 

For regular-sized love dolls, you can go beyond shades and draping belts. You can go for a pair of stilettos or high heels to make her look sultrier. If you want to give her a classy and sophisticated look, put some fashionable jewelry on her. 

Put Some Makeup On

Another way to make your love doll desirable is to put makeup on. Makeup can be used in many ways, but her makeup style should fit the occasion—like her outfit. Go for a fierce look if you plan to dress up your sex doll on Halloween. If you want to take her for a picnic, a “no makeup” makeup look can make her look fresh and attractive. 

Get Her Hair Done

Doll hair doesn’t turn well when styled. Thus, buying a wig is advisable instead of styling her hair. Just be sure to use a wig cap to put on the wig easily.

Also, be cautious when buying them. Be sure to get guidance from the store’s employees to get the right wig for your sex doll. If your doll has long, curly hair, use rollers and scrunchies on her hair. Wrap the scrunchie around the roller to secure it in place.

Dressing Up Your Sex Doll Is Fun

Dressing up your sex doll is fun, allowing you to use your creativity. Furthermore, it can make her stand out from the crowd and give her a new look. Be mindful not to overdo it, though. The biggest mistake you can make is chopping off her limbs or any part of her body because you overdid her look. Make it simple but still alluring to make her look attractive. After all, isn’t less always better?

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