Sex Doll Buying Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Sex Doll


A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Sex Doll

Sex dolls have gained popularity in recent years. Some people buy them for companionship or even for artistic display. Others purchase them to spice things up in bed. 

For these reasons, their looks and features have changed over time. They’ve become more lifelike. Some dolls now have artificial intelligence, enabling them to talk and have facial expressions—like real people.

That said, choosing and buying a sex doll can be daunting. If you’re looking for an adult doll that fits your needs and matches your desires, here are the factors to consider you need to keep in mind:

The most important thing you need to do is check whether or not using or owning a sex doll is legal in your area. Some states or countries prohibit the ownership or importation of these items. 

So before deciding the things you want to get for your sex doll, assess the legal implications in your area. Find out the laws and regulations you might break should you push through with your decision.

However, if buying a sex doll is legal in your country or state, by all means, continue your search and get the doll that you desire.

#2 Set Your Budget

Sex dolls aren’t cheap. They are the most expensive sex toys you can find. But there are good reasons behind their hefty price tags.

First is their look. They are intricately designed to resemble real humans to give their owners a realistic experience. Second, is the benefits they provide. Believe it or not, they can save a failing marriage, igniting passion and enhancing intimacy. They have health benefits, too, including strengthening your pelvis and treating sexual disorders.

Before buying a sex doll, it’s crucial to establish your budget. Set the amount of money you’re willing to spend and search for a doll within that range. Since the price and the type of sex dolls vary, you’ll find one within your budget.

#3 Materials — Realism Vs. Affordability

Sex dolls are made from two different materials, each with its own set of pros and cons.

Silicone is one of the most widely used and is said to be the safest material for making sex toys. These materials are exceptionally durable and highly resistant to water. In addition, they look and feel real because of their flexibility and suppleness. However, silicone love dolls are pretty expensive, ranging from less than $900 to more than $2000.

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) dolls are less expensive than the former material. They also look and feel more real because they are softer and more flexible than silicone. However, dolls made of this material are prone to damage, as they are sensitive to water and heat. Thus, they need special care for prolonged usage.

When buying a sex doll, consider these factors to get the most out of it. Furthermore, check the inscription. If it’s labeled “for novelty only,” it’s highly likely that the doll is unsafe for use. Look for a “body-safe” label to ensure the doll is good quality.

#4 Size Matters

Size matters not only in dildos, butt plugs, and other insertables. It matters in sex dolls, too! Since these erotic dolls come in various sizes, consider your storage space, use, and height.

It’s best if you get a sex doll that is closer to your height, as it gives you a more realistic feel and experience when it comes to lovemaking. However, if you don’t have enough space at home and want to enjoy it discreetly, go for mini or tiny sex dolls. They may not be as big as lifesize or tall love dolls, but they are enough to increase your libido or achieve an orgasm.

#5 Features That Speak to You

Sex dolls don’t just look like real people. They have features that can make the experience more realistic and exciting. Some dolls have movable joints, so you can position them however you like—be it standing sex, side by side, or even doggy style. Others have body heating and moaning systems, which can be added should the store let you do so. There are also dolls with rooted hair and removable clothing, allowing you to change their look occasionally.

When buying a sex doll, determine which features are important to you. If you prioritize versatility and realistic sexual encounters, opt for sex dolls with moveable joints and body heating and moaning systems. However, if you’re more into visuals rather than experience, get a sex doll with transplanted hair and removable apparel.

#6 Know What The Public Says About the Product and Service

Sellers now use the Internet to sell their products and services. However, retailers aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of it—users, too! We, as consumers, can check online whether or not the store is reputable or their products are of good quality.

When buying a sex doll, make sure you get it from a reliable store. Read reviews and comments to know the quality of their products and services. Remember, a sex doll is a hefty investment, so ensure you get the best from a reputable store.

#7 Look Into the Store’s Shipping and Refund Policies

Many people don’t do this when they buy something from any store, but it’s the most important thing to do when getting a sex doll—or any product, for that matter.

These policies aren’t there for display. They’re published for a reason: to inform customers what they can get and expect when buying their dolls. Take some time to read their policies. Find out whether you can get free and discreet shipping service once you’ve placed your orders. Also, know when and how you can get refunds from the store.

Final Thoughts

A sex doll has numerous benefits other than improving your sex life or keeping your sexual passion burning. Whatever your reason or needs are, consider all the buying tips mentioned above. So choose smarter and reap the pleasure and benefits of using a sex doll later.

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